The Second Book of the Prophet, Verse III

“Speak to us”, they asked, “of deceit.”
And so he did:

If the Truth is built from facts, then it is a house without a foundation, and has doors which cannot be passed.

It is better to offer than to hide, as men will eat even snow on the brink of starvation.

Seek always to decieve the Self, first, as actions follow belief. We are nothing, if we cannot change–a dead leaf in the wind, a hot coal on the floor of the sea, destined for extinction. Seek madness, always, and the breath of your Will shall be a new wind, governing all leaves and coals and stalks of grass.

Do not attempt the destruction of math with math, do not seek to subvert the Truth with lies. All such calculation is vanity, as each are more rare than jewels, more distant than stars. Instead, marry your soul to half-truths, whom, with the labour of love, plow fields, net fish, hew the foundations for houses, and raise children.

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