The Second Book of the Prophet, Verse VII

After all this, the Prophet blessed the House with ritual, and chose a path at whim back down to the world of men, meaning to align again their history and his. The path led him to a wide plain, where high grasses bent their heads always to the breath of the wind. Passing through here, he came upon a tower fortress. The call of the tower’s watchmen brought soldiers from its keep, and stone-faced, they surrounded him with spears before speaking:

‘Who are you, and why have you come to this place?’ they asked.

‘I am not bound to the earth, as the grasses are, so the wind has blown me here.’ replied the Prophet.

From the ramparts, the Queen of the tower saw all this occuring and commanded that the stranger be brought to her. Having no reason to resist, Kvaell’adyr went willingly, and was ushered into a hall of iron and onyx, where symbols of Fear and Fury where inscribed in patterns on the floor. Therein also was the Queen, who spoke to him in the language of Tye–though she was human–as was her custom:

‘You are of the Cursed, I know, and the smell of the Eighth Way is on you. You have come down from the House of Kin to my door, and I wonder why.’ She spoke like this always, making statements in place of questions, commanding in place of questions.

‘I am not bound to the earth, as the grasses are, so the wind has blown me here.’ repeated the Prophet.

‘A thing of your powers should have a master, lest they destroy everthing.’

‘My master is Vengeance and Destruction.’ replied he, knowing already what the Sorceress had in mind.

‘There is a city to the south, and they are at war with me only because they fear me, and I am at war with them because they have stolen from me a great artifact. You will be the representitive of my wrath. Go there and meet with my captain.’

So saying, she gave him a symbol of her authority, so that he would be recognized, and sent him to a place in the tower that had been prepared for him. She gave him also gifts: the blood of the servants of his choice, and items of wealth from her storehouse.

These things meant nothing to the Prophet, but he took them silently, staying as guest in the tower until he was ready to leave.

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