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Combat, area, NPCs

When NPCs move, where do they enter?

When loaded, where do they load?

If you knock an NPC it should echo that and remind the next command to do if tips on.

Aggressive NPCs should move towards a person in the same room.

1087 – 1400


Beckett’s ascension – 17th End of Summer, 1087


After the ascension of the treacherous Beckett ap Raenold on the 17th End of Summer 1087, Seahaven took a dark turn. Sinister Vek’Pem Ayre activity was on the rise. The holy men of Cymur and Melchior began winding up dead on the steps of their places of worship, and rumours of blood slaves being taken from their homes in the slums occurred more and more frequently. The permit fees enforced by the Justicar rose further, and crafting outside of a guild was prohibited and punishable by law. The gap between the noble and proletariat began to grow further, with many farmers and artisans being unable to keep up with the excessive charges required to sustain their craft.

Martha’s Catalyst

By 1097, the whispers of Beckett’s corruption were solidified by the suspicious disappearance of the tailor Martha ferch Halmer. Though most cowered beneath the oppression, there were a select few who joined an underground resistance to his reign, including Martha ferch Halmer, Baroness Rachelle Larkin and Viscount Aanson Doraster. (back story of how her death lead to public outrage and riot and the reveal of Beckett as a demon; perhaps Aanson Doraster/dryth/magic stuff exposed it somehow with her death??)

Those amidst the corrupt court of Beckett were quickly overwhelmed by the riots, and his two sinister benefactors Justicar Camden ap Ferdinand and Grand Duchess Zarika Mao were publicly executed under Kelindel ap Vimes’ order, Commander of the Watch.

Once Beckett had been exposed, he revealed his true form to the people of Seahaven, triggering a surge of darkness drawn to his energy. Amidst the chaos, much of the population fled in fear but those that stayed and fought were victorious in bringing the tyranny to an end. It was Viscount Aanson Doraster, a Dryth, who defeated the demon that reigned over Seahaven. The darkness subsided, the hordes of demons retreated and the twin suns returned to their places in the sky.

There was a temporary military dictatorship under Kelindel for 3 years until the year 1100 when King Vigo ap Skamos was elected for the throne by the people. He declared the guild restrictions be disbanded, permits abolished and peace was restored to the city.

But these peace was short-lived. While Seahaven was rebuilding itself, Koji Okada, the Sayaki leader of Kizuni Odawi, launched an unexpected attack to take the city in 1101. In its time of weakness, what was left of Seahaven’s military forces was forced to fend off the martial prowess of the Sayaki from the Bregh Plains. Though whether it was luck or fate, the darkness swallowed the Bregh Plains while its forces were attempting the capture of Seahaven. Kizuni Odawi was lost to demons, and the soldiers on the field were either cut down by the demons behind them or fell at the Battle of the Western Border. Why Koji Okada declared war on Seahaven is unsure, though he is often noted as the first case of what is now called Nyx Madness.

In 1163, Seahaven’s most benevolent and progressive King was atop the throne, the suns were burning the brightest they have ever been and dark times under Beckett were almost forgotten. However, the darkness over the seas was becoming thicker and more apparent. Soon immigrants from Tarkas and the surrounding islands were being forced to return to Seahaven from growing fears that the darkness would overwhelm them. With them, stories of large forms of matter falling from the sky and causing madness similar to the Koji Okada’s to those exposed to it drew much interest to the locals. More surprisingly, a large ship of Tyen immigrants found their way to Seahaven’s docks after being pushed away from their small secluded island of habitat. The name the Tyeni had called it was ‘Nyx’.

Although once hated in Seahaven for the history of violence and slavery associated with the race, Seahaven was no longer a city to dwell on the past and had reached a pinnacle of happiness it had not seen in many decades. The citizens of 100 years ago would have sent away the Tyeni, but King “(insert name here)” declared that they stay along with the immigrants from Tarkas and the surrounding islands. The influx of immigrants from the docks, including the latest Tyeni arrivals, encouraged the King to put Seahaven’s miseries behind and celebrate a new beginning as ‘Freeport’. The Tyeni that were once in hiding within the city and surrounding areas were now feeling safe enough to become a part of the community once more (would like to discuss more about this now that Tyen are back and the impact.).

During Golden Age, Culture and technology boomed. The fresh outlook the Tyeni and other immigrants brought with them that Freeport had been without for many years brought about masteries of brass, steam and mechanics. (Golden Age 1163 – 1308). Although most all of Sayaki were slaughtered when Kizuni Odawi was overrun and war was declared by the nation, their culture become somewhat of a fad for the citizens of Freeport, and their dress was incorporated into the city’s more eccentric attire mixed with the brassy mechanical progression of society.

1309 – Ascension of a corrupt King (would like to discuss more about his story).

1312 – The First Daughter, raising the Fire in the Sky, Freeport removed outlaw of Vek’pem Ayre, etc.

CURRENT DAY! (we will need to update the year in game to something around 1309 – 1350)



Feature Wishlist

A place for players and staff to suggest ideas for Dark Isles and vote on their importance.


Crafting, Kha Power & Combat

So today I spent some time going through the cooking craft and simplifying it further. Replacing all vegetable ingredients with a generic ‘handful of vegetables’ all fruit with ‘a handful of fruit’ and all herbs and spices with ‘a handful of herbs and spices’.

I removed all the onions, carrots, potatoes, grapes, apples, etc from the gathering list and put the new handfuls of stuff there. This should make it a lot easier for players to collect the things they need for the craft recipes and the items can be used across a variety of them.

Intend to do the same with fish and meat too.

Keep in mind, even with the reduction of the craft trees, you can still make a limitless variety of stuff by simply restringing.

Kha Powered Lanterns

So, the idea is if you’re near a kha powered light source that you’re going to be safe from the demons, but the further away you get, the more likely you are to get chomped on. The kha powered lights can be set to emit up to a variety of distances and currently work when placed on the ground. Thus, all the kha lamps around town have already made to use this feature.

Eventually you’ll have to recharge and crank them up regularly and stuffs as well as be able to carry personal kha-lanterns which, while not keeping the demons away from you, will fend them off enough that they don’t attack.


Now, I’m not sure how the RPI community will react to this, but I intend to do something very different with combat here. 95% of the people I talk to tend to find combat grinding boring and their least favourite part of the game. And while on Dark Isles, with being able to spend your roleplaying points on combat skills, it isn’t necessary, for when people do decide to go out there, I’m intending to completely eliminate the turn based auto combat and replace it with something a bit more narrative like.

So, if a demon were to attack you, you might end up with something like:

You fight the three small boar-demons long and hard with Jack and Jill and none of come out the other side uninjured. You have a deep gash wound to your right leg, a puncture wound to the right arm. Two of the small boar demons have perished and one managed to flee. On the corpse of the two remaining boar demons you find: a map, three cogs, some worn wire and a claw.