Code Updates

Crafting, Kha Power & Combat

So today I spent some time going through the cooking craft and simplifying it further. Replacing all vegetable ingredients with a generic ‘handful of vegetables’ all fruit with ‘a handful of fruit’ and all herbs and spices with ‘a handful of herbs and spices’.

I removed all the onions, carrots, potatoes, grapes, apples, etc from the gathering list and put the new handfuls of stuff there. This should make it a lot easier for players to collect the things they need for the craft recipes and the items can be used across a variety of them.

Intend to do the same with fish and meat too.

Keep in mind, even with the reduction of the craft trees, you can still make a limitless variety of stuff by simply restringing.

Kha Powered Lanterns

So, the idea is if you’re near a kha powered light source that you’re going to be safe from the demons, but the further away you get, the more likely you are to get chomped on. The kha powered lights can be set to emit up to a variety of distances and currently work when placed on the ground. Thus, all the kha lamps around town have already made to use this feature.

Eventually you’ll have to recharge and crank them up regularly and stuffs as well as be able to carry personal kha-lanterns which, while not keeping the demons away from you, will fend them off enough that they don’t attack.


Now, I’m not sure how the RPI community will react to this, but I intend to do something very different with combat here. 95% of the people I talk to tend to find combat grinding boring and their least favourite part of the game. And while on Dark Isles, with being able to spend your roleplaying points on combat skills, it isn’t necessary, for when people do decide to go out there, I’m intending to completely eliminate the turn based auto combat and replace it with something a bit more narrative like.

So, if a demon were to attack you, you might end up with something like:

You fight the three small boar-demons long and hard with Jack and Jill and none of come out the other side uninjured. You have a deep gash wound to your right leg, a puncture wound to the right arm. Two of the small boar demons have perished and one managed to flee. On the corpse of the two remaining boar demons you find: a map, three cogs, some worn wire and a claw.

Bits & Pieces

After another few month break, back into the swing of things again. Smaller stuff, setting up help files so they can be once more updated via the website.

Going through crafting and harvesting, disabling many of them – keep it simple for now, downsize what is active now and get them working perfectly and open and expand the rest as we go along.

There’s WAY too many crafts. Cooking has been cut down, but could be reduced more. Sewing needs a LOT of work still.

Also went through the shops in Seahaven, made sure they all had the basics needed for harvest, basic crafts and basic clothing.

Ranged Combat and Co-ords

Well the first stage of it is finally done. Sure, there’s some refining to do, and some error logs to clean up and I’ve got to put in a way to reload a gun, but yay. You can now SHOOT people.

If you type AREA, you’ll be given an ascii map of the room you’re in, in a 10 by 10 grid (eventually we’ll allow for different sizes but for now keeping it simple). People will be drawn on the map and you can navigate your way around it with the MOVE command:

move (direction) (amount)
move (direction)
move (person)

How far you can move at once is determined by your AGILITY and in theory, you can’t move to an already occupied square. Your general location in the room is appended to your listing when others type look:

Nyssa, a tall, blonde haired woman with a lean frame is standing here, fairly bloody. (W)

When items are dropped, their location in the room is recorded, and when someone goes to pick them up, they are moved to near the object in question. Same goes for whisper and give, the person is automatically moved near the target.

Shoot works much like hit, but has a bunch of extra checks in it to see if you are holding a gun, that it is loaded, and you’re in range. Normal hitting now requires you to be one square away. I still have to fiddle some with the values of shooting but yay!

shoot (victim) (location)

Area and Coords

Okay I set it up so there was the basic x, y, z variable a few days back. Now I’ve got it saving to file (so it’ll persist through a crash/copyover) and began the next stage of the code:

1. An area command, while the map command draws the rooms around you, this draws a pretty little ascii map of the people (and eventually objects) in the room with you.

2. A move command, to allow you to move within the room. It won’t let you move to the same location as someone else, or move past the edge of the map.

Syntax: move (north|south|east|west)

3. Some basic auto movement with commands, so far only works with give/whisper, were if you whisper to someone, or give someone something, you automatically move next to them.

At the moment, they’re all in their most basic implementation so may be buggy, need refining and expanded to more commands. This is a pre-cursor to ranged combat.

To come with this: object placement, combat co-ords, z-axis movement, object blocking, ranged combat, places, and more commands moving you. And of course, help files. Maybe also moving ne/nw/se/sw within a room? And up/down if you’re flying? Some of these will be in the near future, some might not be for a while yet 😉

Were’s and body parts

Wolfkin finally have their were forms. They can desc them (desc were), and set their short/long for them while in wolven form. The code isn’t quite complete yet, but not far off it.

Removing items now reveals the appropriate body part. And a couple more added (face and smell).

New City Map and Layout Change

Have reworked the layout of Haven for the opening, closed off some sections to pull people in one area for initial RP, force them all close together and all that. Returned the main Tavern name to “Whispering Wraith”, a few of you might recognise the name from way back. Can you guess the game it originated from? Reduced the NPC store numbers down to just a small handful and located them all on the central market street with the bank. This leaves the others open for player accommodation and shops. And also just makes it a tad easier to get around.


Describing Body Parts

You can now describe your bits and pieces:

desc (hand | hair | eyes | torso | back | groin | buttocks | arms | legs | feet)

This will then display on your character, though it doesn’t yet look quite how I want it to and isn’t yet tied in with layers.

Restring, combat, stars, help files

Added to the restring command the ability to change the look description on an object and for now, made this available to everyone (though eventually intend to limit it to crafters and creation).

Ripped out half the combat skills to make room for more appropriate theme setting ones. So, all swords, daggers, rapiers, axes have been condensed into ‘edged weapons’, and staffs, maces, etc have been condensed into ‘blunt weapons’. There will be magical combat forms as well as victorian themed ranged combat coming soon.

Adding back in the RP Stars to the who list as an indicator on how much TRPP has been earned.

Improved the copy-over echoes.

Also finally hooked up the website help file editing system. Yay! This means new help files can finally be added and old ones improved.

So far I’ve added: RPP, SPEND

Who List and Spending RPP

Who list has seen the return of the stars, or rather now they’re hashes which represent your total RPP’s gathered on your account.

The rppxchange command has been changed to spend and has a better feedback on how the command is used when you type ‘spend’.