Dark Isles Races



Ranging from light-skinned to sun-bronzed, these folk are widely distributed throughout the Isles. They make up the bulk of the population of Seahaven. Suggested for new players.

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Technically, special races are not so much a race, in that each person still is one of the four main races (or half bloods) but rather are an affliction (or gift) on the person. So you can have a Skrel’eth Dryth, or a Vek’pem Ahyre Tir, or an Aartiran Wolfkin, etc. Each account may only […]

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Vek’pem Ahrye

Though they consider themselves a race of their own (more often than not), Vek’pem Ahrye propagate purely asexually through a process called ‘siring’; they are otherwise infertile, completely incapable of child-making or -bearing. The sired come from all races and nations, although Skrel’eth Vek’pem Ahrye are by far the least common. Physical Appearance At the […]

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Tales of beast-men are common to cultures across the face of Aagos. Whether in the form of lycanthropic curse, shamanistic transcendence, or divine gift, everywhere there can be found tales of men that become beasts, or beasts that become men. These myths are prolific because they are true. The ‘Kin,’ as they call themselves, are […]

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Some call them mind-eaters, soultakers, abominations, progeny of Vek sorcery. Others call them sacred, the Chosen of Melchior. All agree that they are best avoided, and have no place among civilized people. Aartiran legend says that in the Age of Myth, Belial, the Father of Whispers, created his immortal progeny, the Vek’pem Ahyre. Railing against […]

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