Combat, area, NPCs

When NPCs move, where do they enter?

When loaded, where do they load?

If you knock an NPC it should echo that and remind the next command to do if tips on.

Aggressive NPCs should move towards a person in the same room.


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Technically, special races are not so much a race, in that each person still is one of the four main races (or half bloods) but rather are an affliction (or gift) on the person. So you can have a Skrel’eth Dryth, or a Vek’pem Ahyre Tir, or an Aartiran Wolfkin, etc.

Each account may only have one special race at a time.

The special races are still being developed, their skill lists are still being formed, attributes adjusted and commands added, so expect some changes over the coming months.


Of all the special races, Dryth are the easiest to play.

They are the telepaths of Dark Isles, rumoured to be able to steal the thoughts men, woman and children to use as they wish. Dryth abilities are not hereditory and develop in adulthood. Historically, Dryth were hunters of the Vek’pem Ahyre, devoted to Melchoir and using their talents to hunt out their blood-thirsty kind.

However, in recent years (since the cataclysm), most modern Dryths, abuse their gift, dealing instead in information and secrets, selling them to the highest bidder. This means that whilst once, the general populace treated them as heroes, instead treat them with distrust, considering them to almost be as bad as what they once hunted. Certainly no longer the chosen of Melchoir.

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The legends have it that some people have the supernatural ability to transform into true wolves that possess unnatural strength, incredible speed and uncanny perception. Half man, half beast like creatures that howl and follow the calling of the moon. Able to hide from detection with ease whilst they hunt their prey. They are considered to be extremely difficult to kill and can shrug off their wounds quickly, sometimes rumoured to rise mere seconds after taking a mortal blow.

It is also rumoured that some are used as spies amongst the humans for the Vek. And that, coupled with their continual clash with men over the years has meant that the wolfkin have been hunted down constantly throughout history. Sometimes seeming to disappear for a decade or two, before eventually cropping up again someplace.

However, not all wolfkin align themselves with the Vek’pem Ahyre. Most belong to a Pack, forming a strong bond with their brother and sister kin. They are extremely loyal and arrogant, considering themselves above normal man.

Currently in Freeport, Wolfkin exist inside of the laws and have become more open about their identity and nature, though it is a tentative foothold it is one the local Pack hopes to expand upon.

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Vek’pem Ahyre

Of all the races, Vek’pem Ahyre are the most difficult to play.

It is important that any potential player of a Vek’pem Ahyreread carefully through the lore section of the website, in particular this part and this one and also discuss with a member of staff.

They are brutal and often emotionless. They think little of the ‘cattle’ that they feed upon. They are usually murderers who do not feel remorse for their actions. They are the enemies of the Seven Gods and all of their followers. They have few allies outside a few Wolfkin who chose to align themselves with the Vek’pem Ahyre, and the odd follower of Belial amongst the ‘normal’ races. Think very seriously about whether you are ready to play such a character before selecting it in creation.

Many years ago, for the Vek’pem Ahyre, just existing was against the law throughout Freeport and the rest of Dark Isles and worshipping or associating with a Vek was a crime and punishable by death.

Now, owed to some underhand deals with those in power, Vek’pem Ahyre now walk the streets freely and have done so for the past half century though it comes with a few provisos: they must follow the laws of the city they exist in and they may only feed from those that are willing.

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Way, way back in the day. When the predecessor to Dark Isles was originally conceptualised, the staff thought they would be funny. And thus, the Rabet was formed. Players automatically assumed the name was a typo (you have no idea how many people submitted it as a typo) and promptly went attempted to kill what they believed was a little fluffy bunny without any regards to description.

Usually the results were bloody and players started to learn to think before killing. One of our talented players at the time decided to immortalise said Rabet in ink. Below is the recently found result.. of note, I thought this image was long lost and I was rather excited to find it!