Crafting, Kha Power & Combat

So today I spent some time going through the cooking craft and simplifying it further. Replacing all vegetable ingredients with a generic ‘handful of vegetables’ all fruit with ‘a handful of fruit’ and all herbs and spices with ‘a handful of herbs and spices’.

I removed all the onions, carrots, potatoes, grapes, apples, etc from the gathering list and put the new handfuls of stuff there. This should make it a lot easier for players to collect the things they need for the craft recipes and the items can be used across a variety of them.

Intend to do the same with fish and meat too.

Keep in mind, even with the reduction of the craft trees, you can still make a limitless variety of stuff by simply restringing.

Kha Powered Lanterns

So, the idea is if you’re near a kha powered light source that you’re going to be safe from the demons, but the further away you get, the more likely you are to get chomped on. The kha powered lights can be set to emit up to a variety of distances and currently work when placed on the ground. Thus, all the kha lamps around town have already made to use this feature.

Eventually you’ll have to recharge and crank them up regularly and stuffs as well as be able to carry personal kha-lanterns which, while not keeping the demons away from you, will fend them off enough that they don’t attack.


Now, I’m not sure how the RPI community will react to this, but I intend to do something very different with combat here. 95% of the people I talk to tend to find combat grinding boring and their least favourite part of the game. And while on Dark Isles, with being able to spend your roleplaying points on combat skills, it isn’t necessary, for when people do decide to go out there, I’m intending to completely eliminate the turn based auto combat and replace it with something a bit more narrative like.

So, if a demon were to attack you, you might end up with something like:

You fight the three small boar-demons long and hard with Jack and Jill and none of come out the other side uninjured. You have a deep gash wound to your right leg, a puncture wound to the right arm. Two of the small boar demons have perished and one managed to flee. On the corpse of the two remaining boar demons you find: a map, three cogs, some worn wire and a claw.