Two hundred years have passed since the wispy tendrils of darkness, now termed as Eres, crept across the sky of Seahaven. It enclosed it in blackness and blocked out the warming rays of the twin suns. Lit only by oil lamps and torches for five nightmarish months the city was under attack by the mutated demons that call the darkness their home. Only a quarter of Seahaven’s population survived those bloody months and it is without doubt that if it were not for the generosity of the Vek’pem Ahyre’s First Daughter the entire city would of been destroyed.

The First Daughter provided the city with a much needed artificial sun. Man made it is fueled by the largest Kha crystal known to exist, simply known as the ‘Fire’. It said to of been a gift to her by the gods themselves. It provides the energy to illuminate Seahaven and is very rarely turned off. It has not the same brightness of the twin suns and over the years, additional lighting has been provided on ground level through street lamps and in home lighting through the use of devices fueled by smaller Kha crystals.

Thankful for the actions of the Vek’pem Ahyre, the then King of Seahaven immediately removed all sanctions against them, allowing them to co-exist along side the people of Seahaven, adhering to the laws of the city.

With the darkness above, Seahaven receives little light and is sustained by the Kha crystals, a natural source of energy. Crops flourish because of the geothermal heat generated by devices powered by the Kha crystals. Because the Kha crystals lie so deep in the underground, mining operations are costly. The government conducts the mining of this resource and details are only known by those directly involved in this operation.

Dark Isles is set another hundred years after the raising of Fire in the sky, in a Victorian-industrial setting but with more whimsy and a little magical Kha thrown into the mix. It has become a new age of Science, fearless naturalists, clever tinkerers and brilliant inventors hold sway over the common folk, wielding voltaic energies and constructing huge Kha-fueled engines. Fantastical inventions that have become a part of every day life and the four Houses vie for control of the resources.

But not all is well in Seahaven. Common folk gather under Kha-lampposts and in bars and tell stories of people disappearing from their beds at night, or on late night trips home. The naturally occurring Kha Crystals, some whisper, have started to to become more scarce.