An Intricate Text-Based Roleplaying Game

Dark Isles is a free text-based role-playing game focusing on the development of intricate characters, and joining in with others in creating a continually evolving story based in an originally themed world. Unlike many other MUD styled games out there, Dark Isles is focused upon creative writing and telling a story. Here you will find no levels or classes, but tools to help provide focus and background for your character and the setting.

Set in an alternate world where gears, goggles and magic-powered machines dominate life. It is a world that mixes the scientific wonder of Jules Verne and H.G Wells with the elements of gritty futurisitic cyberpunk. It is inspired
by late 19th century Earth, where the industrial revolution is in full swing.

We’re not quite officially open but should be soon. We’re just turning the cogs, cleaning the goggles and steam punking everything up. You’re welcome to log on, create your character get ready, chat, and if you want to help out, let me know!

Connection Details

Telnet address: Host: Port: 8500.

To connect to Dark Isles, you will need a telnet client such as Mush Client.