Born Keiras’ddu of House Vitus-eth. An old, defiant soul. Inborn with the will to be his own person. His father was a Tyen that had aged to nearly two centuries at the time of his birth and a worshiper of Belial. His mother considered a common wench among their already struggling community of Tyen that had gathered in the Dock district of Freeport. After impregnating his mother, his father was banished from Freeport on heresy charges, and is still believed to be seeking out Belial’s meaning in covering the earth in the strange black fog that now consumed all.

Raised in times of survival, Keiras quickly learned to defend himself, and those around him. It was at the age of twenty-five that the area of the Docks he lived in suffered an attack by the demons from within the strange Nyx fog, and his mother was lost all too soon after the birth of his younger sister. Some dispute among the locals caused the darkening of the kha-lamps within the area, and the demons quickly poured forth from the dark holes they call home.

Working as an apprentice engineer and being a firearm hobbyist, Keiras found no difficulty in making his own name in Freeport’s community, and was even considered at one point to be well on the way to the highest echelons of his trade. In his early forties now, he had made sure that his younger sister was raised well and educated to the standard of the times and beyond. When there was a freak accident in his workshop and he lost use of one eye, she even helped make sure that Keiras got on his feet again, despite the loss.

All sorts of strange requests always came into Keiras’ workshop, but one in particular changed his life forever. The request seemed simple enough. Load the prototype firearm with the strange black kha-crystals that the man provided, and use them as an energy source. The difficulty of the task was not the thing that changed Keiras’ life, however, it was the repercussions of the device. Used as a scapegoat in the use of the weapon at a later date, as the object’s inventor, saw him imprisoned at the age of forty four, in Ravenhold, Freeport’s only standing institution for criminals.

Not much is known about his time while imprisoned in Ravenhold, beyond the fact that his ten year sentence continually grew over the years from some indiscretion or another while behind bars. His entire way of life changed while institutionalized, and his rough exterior was only made that much more rough. After nineteen years of hard time, and hundreds of hours logged in courtrooms, Keiras was finally released into the general population of Freeport.