keirascropAge: Sixty-Three

Race: Tyen

Occupation: Engineer

Affiliation: Gutter Runners

Social Status: Ex-Convict

Attitude: Generally Skeptical


The times, and the situation that Keiras was born into made him develop an ‘everyman’ attitude on life. He’s never really focused his trade skills into any one category, instead being mildly useful in all of the trades he has encountered. This is not only born of necessity, but is a part of his being, a constant quest of knowledge.

He is a man of few words, and the ones that he speaks are usually meant to make a point. A general air of mystery surrounds the Tyen, and he seems to like it this way. He is often found in social situations, even if his place at such gatherings is not quite known.

Like most Tyeni, Keiras has a habit of spending large amounts of coin on clothing. His style of choice however is up for debate, and easily labeled as eclectic in nature. The garments, however modified or oddly matched they may be change with the fashions of the day.

Keiras does not seem to be bothered at all when people notice the disfiguring scar on his face where a normal eye once resided. Upon inquiry, he is always motivated to respond simply: “What does not kill you.” He’s certain the rest of the phrase is self-explanatory.